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Here you find all the photos that are published on this blog… Enjoy!

City Tour II

This time we managed to end our city tour without any police trouble. Cathedral, City Centre (prison) and the train station were our destinations.

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Visiting one of Esmabama's missions. I call it arrival in paradise...

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May 1st

Enjoying the parade on May 1st in Beira

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The forbidden roof

Impressions from the roof of the governments building and the shoe

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Together with Claudia I went to visit Volkmar's project in Dondo and Milho 8

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Gerald's presentation

Gerald and his collegue Pempe presents the sms service to the students of UCM

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Grande Hotel


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Hotel Dom Carlos

... the lighthouse and the wreck

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A few impressions

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Photographer on the roof

Enjoying the sunset above Praia Nova

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Solar Eclipse

Breakfast at the beach including a penumbral solar eclipse

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Back home

Holidays are over - back home to Beira!

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At the foot of Mulanje Massif

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From Lake Malawi to Mulanje - via Blantyre

Once again on the road with a overnight pit stop in Blantyre, the second biggest town of Malawi

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Cape Maclear

Diving at Lake Malawi

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Travelling into Malawi

The first glimpse to the southern shore of Lake Malawi. And a sunset...

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Thunderstorm at Mt. Nyangani

Hiking to the summit of Zimbabwe

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Where is our roof

Due to a lousy construction the wind took parts of the universities roof with it...

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Farewell for Uwe & Süster

Beira beach classics with music next to the lighthouse - the last time with Uwe & Süster

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On the road to Catapú, through the forest and back - stopped by the police...

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Mission to Mt. Binga

It should be a trip to Mt. Binga, instead we visited a garage and afterwards Kitikiti

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The Cat

After long discussions Steffi and I agreed to call her: 'Sista'

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Giving our best to get a good handicap...

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The Base of a Djembe

Together with Djongue we drove to a community near Perda Vida to order bases for some Djembe-drums

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Rio Savanne, Mangunde and Gorongosa NP

Relaxing and interesting things we experienced with Alex & Astrid

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Returning to Beira

On the road back to Mozambique

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White-water Rafting

It was wet, but fun!!! Definitely worth it!

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Two and a half Marathons

Sweaty runners and eating Elephants

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Victoria Falls

They are just beautiful!!!

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From Sinamatella to Victoria Falls

A big, grey visitor at the camp and we approach Victoria Falls

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Hwange National Park

Wildlife and landscape of the beautiful Hwange National Park

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From Great Zimbabwe to Main Camp

On the road from Great Zimbabwe to Hwange National Park

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Great Zimbabwe

The Great Enclosure and the Hill's complex

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From Espungabera to Great Zimbabwe

The Big Tree, Birchenough Bridge, Lake Mutirkwi and the nice hairstyle of More Blessings

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From Beira to Espungabera

Driving over dirt roads, crossing a river hand-driven ferry and gazing at the striking goat

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It is cold in Chimoio

A weekend trip to Chimoio to work at UCM and visit Andi and some friends

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Bowmouthguitarfish, Turtle, Moraine, Rays, Tropical Fishes, Dolphins, ...

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In Vilanculos we had the bi-annual Development Workers-Meeting including a boat trip to Magaruque

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Diving at the Two Mile Reef and a Dhow trip to Magaruque Island

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Maputo and the nice beach in Barra da Tofo

After Markus' and Nadalina's wedding we spent some time in Maputo before we traveled back north to Barra da Tofo

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A long and bumpy ride

Traveling from Beira to Maputo to attend Markus' and Nadalina's wedding.

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Easter in Mozambique

A nice brunch in Hany's backyard to celebrate Easter

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The beach

The lively beach in Beira and the quiet and beautiful one in Rio Savane

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Music at the 'Farol'

Together with the other H3-Expats and musicians from Beira we had a great night at the beach under the lighthouse

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Funkaküachle and the burning Mosquito

As it is tradition in Vorarlberg we lit a bonfire to dismiss the Mosquitos (well the tradition is a little bit different at home)

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Young Africa's sports youngsters

Several hundred teenagers showed their talents in football, basketball and volleyball during the one-day sports festival at the campus of Young Africa

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In Country Training - Part II

During the second part of our In Country Training we spent some time in Chimoio and traveled via Beira to Mangunde

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In Country Training - Part I

The first impressions of Mozambique. Nice and colourful!

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One day in January it was time to say goodbye. Many friends came to the party - thanks again...

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